With the ever-increasing amount of data that your company acquires, the complex database administration issues that you face, and the variables that affect your Information Technology infrastructure performance, in-house monitoring of your data management system can be expensive, personnel-intensive, and time-consuming.

DBAppraise allows you to outsource as much or as little of the DBA function as you need, while improving the robustness and reliability of your systems.



Consultingwerk supports application partners and end customers to achieve practical excellence and productivity with their OpenEdge based development. They offer consulting services and tools, focus on application modernization, application architecture and the OpenEdge GUI for .NET.


OpenEdge Solutions

As our partner in AsiaPac, Open Edge Solutions challenges the status quo by offering high-value, customized, results-oriented solutions to meet the unique challenges of your enterprise. They offer a full range of services — from designing simple programs to building complex hardware and software architecture.

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