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Votre système fonctionne-t-il à pleine capacité? Si tel n’est pas le cas, nous avons les outils, l’expérience et l’expertise pour analyser tout type de problème de performance envisageable. Nous cernerons le problème et vous recommanderons les meilleures avenues possible pour régler les problèmes de performance et pour prédire la future extensibilité de votre système dans son ensemble.


Are they in the hardware, the Progress installation, the tuning of your system, or the database design? Or perhaps as you've suspected, in the code itself.

It doesn't do any good to throw a lot of money at a solution when you're not sure it's the real solution for the problem you're having. We'll help you pin down just where the problems lie, and then give you expert advice on how best to solve them.

We have numerous tools and extensive experience in analyzing every kind of performance problem imaginable, as well as the best options for how to address them.

So don't let the word benchmarking fool you. It's the best way possible to target your money to solve performance problems and to predict the future scalability of your system as a whole.