Progress OpenEdge DBA support with DBAppraise

24/7 Support, Management, Monitoring and Alerting

Progress OpenEdge DBA support with DBAppraise

24/7 Support, Management, Monitoring and Alerting

DBAppraise gives you guaranteed response-time access to the world’s finest Progress OpenEdge DBAs

Stop wasting time with first-level support technicians while your business loses money by the minute. The DBAppraise Support add-on means that White Star Software is an extension of your IT support team. With actionable data provided by ProTop and our hands-on experience with your OpenEdge environment, we often know the root cause and solution to your problem before you call us.

Round the clock monitoring

Our DBAs are there to help you meet the availability requirements dictated by the business. We monitor your OpenEdge environment 24/7/365 and quickly respond to emergencies.

OpenEdge database is our passion

Progress consulting, monitoring and support is our business. We are committed to being the world’s best DBAs, constantly learning and investigating new and innovative ways to improve our DBAppraise service.

We are an extension of your team

Our goal is to mentor your IT staff, not replace it. Every event is a teaching opportunity. If you don’t have DBA expertise in-house, we can manage your day-to-day DBA needs too.

Your ROI is clear from day one

Our proactive monitoring and support service helps reduce costly downtime at a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining your own tools and team. And with one fixed annual cost, there are no surprise hourly charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DBAppraise right for me?

If a slow down or unavailability of your Progress application negatively affects your business, then you absolutely need a guaranteed support service like DBAppraise.

What versions of Progress and OpenEdge are supported?

We have experience with Progress versions all the way back to version 2 and on diverse platforms including UNIX, Linux, Windows and even obsolete platforms such as Novell Netware, OS/2 and VAX/VMS. If you are running Progress, we can help you. (Did you know that there was never a version 1 of Progress? Version 2 was the first commercial release!)

I have a full-time DBA on staff; do I still need your service?

Even the best DBAs need a little help sometimes. Or a vacation. DBAppraise extends your in-house Progress OpenEdge expertise with emergency access to a senior Progress OpenEdge DBA, 24/7/365.

Do you outsource work to other firms or consultants offshore?

No. We ensure quick resolutions by relying on in-house expertise that is already familiar with your environment.

I have access to emergency support through my vendor and/or Progress. Why do I need a service like DBAppraise?

With DBAppraise, no time is wasted with level one support. The DBAppraise service monitors your system 24/7/365 and intervenes proactively to help prevent issues from affecting critical business processes. Our senior DBAs are often logged in and correcting problems before an outage occurs.

Will DBAppraise interfere with my application software?

No. DBAppraise uses a non-intrusive agent that does not modify your application data or code in any way.

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