What A Newly Minted OpenEdgeDBA Needs to Know
by Tom Bascom and James Palmer

Getting Started: DBA Basics

People often ask what tasks a newly minted OpenEdge DBA should be performing. What should my daily, weekly, monthly checklist have on it? What’s good? What’s BAD? Where do I even look to find out? What do I need to pay attention to? What can I ignore? What should I lose sleep over? When should I update my resume? Who can help me?

This hands-on workshop will show you the way through the challenges that lie in front of you and help bring peace to your weekends and evenings!

Topics of this presentation include:

  • proenv: proutildescribe, prostrctlist, dbanalys, prolog, (333), conmgr.properties
  • Starting & stopping a db: exploder, dbman, proserve/proshut
  • Backup (online) & restore
  • Tweaking: ai/bi block & cluster size
  • Setting params: *range –dangers of exploder (-hash…)
  • Enabling after imaging (online)

    and more!