Book by Dan Foreman

Progress System Tables Guide

Virtual System Tables (VST’s) were added in V8.2. VST’s provide access to data that was previously only accessible through the promon utility. The Progress documentation gives a basic description of each Virtual System Table (VST) but is generally inadequate for anyone attempting to do so serious work with VST’s. This publication also has information about the Metaschema, SQL Shadow Tables, and more.

Topics include:

  • VST Implementation
  • Performance Overhead of VST’s
  • VST Bugs
  • VST Comparison: V8, V9, V10, and V11
  • Writing programs that use VST’s
  • Undocumented VST fields
  • VST Indexes
  • VST Record Counts
  • VST’s that can be updated
  • Stale VST Data
  • Metaschema Table definitions
  • SQL Tables and Shadow Tables

Pages: 226